- September 14th 2004

Happy 10th Anniversary, The Sims 2
Thank-you for a decade of immeasurable fun

Being able to download rooms from the gallery is probably the best thing ever.
This looks like an appropriate new sidebar picture.

This looks like an appropriate new sidebar picture.

Another thing about these cartoony graphics, they remind me so much of the graphics of The Walking Dead games, and I bloody love it!

The UI however really needs your undivided attention for like an hour because I for example had no clue where ANYTHING was. The lighting indoors is also appalling, but I wouldn’t send it back or anything like that because of it :P

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I am actually quite looking forward to getting this (either arr’d or in a sale) because I don’t fancy paying full price as I have no money. XD

I treated myself to this for my birthday which is on Sunday so I’d been saving up. However, I do feel I have essentially paid a bit too much for what is essentially Sims 2.5. Emotions don’t stand out to me that much to be quite honest as they advertised them.

That said though, because I ADORE sims, I don’t regret buying this and I appreciate all the little features they have added, and I’m trying not to compare to the other games, especially since I can easily go play 2 or 3 if I ever miss certain features :P

Alrighty, so I have played this game for a few hours now. I still need to discover a whole lot more in regards to those little details, but these are my thoughts so far (apologies for the length!); 

Unfortunately my computer isn’t the best in all sense, so I have had to sacrifice the post processing feature, otherwise my whole game was blurry. This isn’t much of a problem now that I’ve played it for a bit, I was a tad disappointed as I did want my backgrounds to have a depth of field quality with a slight blur, but it’s not a problem.

I don’t have any other graphics issue, I’m running this on laptop mode and so far everything looks good and crisp and runs smoothly. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the atmosphere of this and the graphics. I love this cartoony style.

Loading screens have never been a problem for me so I have nothing to complain about in that area. Lots are spacious enough to make it feel like an open world, so that’s a thumbs up for me, especially if it means no lag.

As for routing, yes, that is sooooo very improved and I probably had a whiny ‘I can’t get through there’ action maybe twice while I have played 2 weeks game time.

The lack of toddlers. I’m not going to lie, it has been a relief so far. My sim above ended up having triplets and it was REALLY hard keeping them happy, especially since you cannot see what motives are the ones bothering them.

I don’t want to make this UBER long so I’ll keep posting pictures with more observations :) So far though I do like it, but I can understand why some people may not, then again though, it is yet another base game which has been stripped bare of some features to which we are so used to in previous games.


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omg that lonely guy in the corner! needs a ‘forever alone’ face on him xD



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"Don’t you think this pie is to die for?”

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